Constitution and Bylaws

Directors Responsibilities and Legal Liability

Appendix II: Directors Responsibility and Legal Liability


The duty of the Surrey DPAC Board of Directors is to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws and to accept responsibility for its operations. Surrey Board members are expected to serve in good faith, act honourably, behave honestly, attend meetings and contribute to decisions that are in the best interests of the organization, respect confidentiality, and avoid conflicts of interest. Board members are responsible for their actions which should be those that would be performed by any prudent person in similar circumstances. They are stewards of the good name of Surrey DPAC and are required to be wise, prudent and vigilant on its behalf.

The Surrey DPAC Board of Directors is responsible to the members and therefore is responsible for acting in accordance with the Mission Statement, Core Philosophy and Beliefs.

The Surrey Board of Directors is responsible for:

• Envisioning the Future (Goals and Priorities)
• Setting Policy (Guidelines for Decision Making)
• Hiring the Executive Director (if applicable)
• Developing Links to the Community (building Relationships)
• Representing the organization (Fundraising)
• Providing for the prudent management of the organization’s resources
• Risk management – The process by which the risks faced by the organization are identified together with the precautions necessary to prevent, control or reduce the chance of loss or damage.

All members of the constituted Board of Directors are required to attend Board meetings, General Meetings, Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meetings, and all Board functions including liaison meetings with stakeholder groups. If for just cause, Directors who are unable to attend meetings may be exempted from this requirement through the giving of their regrets to the President in advance of the scheduled meeting.

Board members are responsible for insuring that volunteers and personnel if any, are properly chosen, and adequately supervised and constrained by appropriate policies.

Board members are not normally liable for the debts or liabilities of Surrey DPAC, though any Director who has directed, authorized, assented to, acquiesced in, or participated in an illegal act is personally liable for that offence.

I (print name)________________ having read the aforementioned responsibilities hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

(Signature of Director) (Date) (Witness)

Policy Adopted: January 12, 2005; May 23, 2018