All parents are welcome at DPAC meetings. Registration entitles a PAC to one vote at DPAC meetings. 

DPAC Representatives should be elected from a PAC for the current school year. They are responsible for attending DPAC meetings, exercising the PAC’s vote, and reporting back to the PAC.  

PACs can also register at the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC). This enables your PAC to have a voting right at the BCCPAC Annual General Meetings.

Use of Information

District 36 DPAC will use the information provided to communicate information to you, your school and SD #36 parents. Your contact information may be made available to the DPAC Executive, PAC representatives to DPAC, PAC Presidents, and School District #36. DPAC will
not share your contact information outside of the school district without express consent. DPAC will use the information provided for purposes pertaining to District 36 DPAC or SD #36 business; or for the provision of information deemed by DPAC to be of interest to parents in the District. The information you provide will be used for a period of 16 months after the date of consent AND no later than January 31 of the following school year. Consent may be withdrawn at any time upon written notice to DPAC. Any concerns or complaints should be delivered to the DPAC President.

Submission of the registration form and the PAC minutes confirms acceptance of the Use of Information and provides consent to release the above contact information under the stated conditions.