Constitution and Bylaws

Code of Conduct

Appendix I: Director’s Code of Conduct


Each member of the Surrey DPAC Board of Director’s must sign a consent document; ideally this document should be signed at the beginning of their term of office. This document should be kept on file. Any violation of this Code of Conduct should be reported directly to the DPAC President and/or Board in writing. The Board should then convene to determine what actions, if any, are required.

As a Member of the Board of Directors, I will:

• Listen carefully to my fellow Board members;
• Carefully consider and respect the opinions of my fellow Board members;
• Respect and support all majority decisions of the Board;
• Recognize the authority vested in the Board;
• Keep well informed of developments relevant to issues that may come before the Board;
• Participate actively in Board meetings and actions and not discuss elsewhere what I am unwilling to discuss in Board meetings;
• Bring to the attention of the Board any issues I believe will have significant effect on our organization or those we serve;
• Attempt to communicate the needs of those we serve to the Board of Directors;
• Bring complaints directly and promptly to the attention of the Board;
• Recognize that my duty is to ensure that the organization is well-managed, not necessarily to manage the organization;
• Represent all those whom this organization serves vs. geographic or special interestgroups;
• Consider myself a “trustee” of the organization and do my best to ensure it is well-maintained, financially secure, and always operating in accordance with our stated objectives;
• Work to learn how to undertake my role and responsibilities better; and
• Acknowledge conflicts of interest between my personal life and my position on the Board, and abstain from voting or attempting to influence issues in which I am conflicted.

As a Member of the Board of Directors, I will not:

• Criticize fellow Board Members or their opinions, outside of the Board Room;
• Use the organization or my position for my personal advantage or that of my friends, relatives or associates;
• Discuss the confidential proceedings of the Board outside the Board Room;
• Promise how I will vote on an issue before hearing the discussion and becoming fully informed on that issue;
• Speak for or on behalf of the organization unless specifically authorized to do so.

I (print name) _______________ having read the aforementioned Code of Conduct hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document and will abide by the decisions of the Board.

(Signature of Director) (Date) (Witness)

Policy Adopted: January 12, 2005, May 23, 2018