About Us


Surrey DPAC believes Parent Support is about parents helping parents.  This could be speaking out in many roles:

  • on behalf of your child
  • on behalf of your PAC
  • in support of another child or parent.

How can DPAC help?

  • Helps parents help themselves to be able to speak up on behalf of their child.
  • Provide educational opportunities to make parents aware of the services and resources available to them within the District and the community.
  • Helps everyone focus on the best interests of the child.
  • Promotes fair, impartial, consistent and effective solutions.

Parents by nature are our children’s best support within the Surrey School District.  As our child’s first teacher we promote and foster our child’s well-being, rights, needs and opinions.  We are the best resource for information about our children and are important resources for decision-makers making decisions about our children.

Most parents don’t know where to begin when their child has a problem.  Many are unsure about what our role is when it comes to speaking up for our child. Some of the problems our kids face can be very complicated. Some parents worry about when to speak up, how to speak up and what will happen if they do. We help make sense of parents’ and children’s rights and responsibilities in the Surrey School District.

PACs and DPAC have a legislated role in the School Act to represent parents in the Surrey School District. By working together we all get a better understanding of the challenges our children are facing.  This gives us the information needed to work within the District and the Province to make everyone aware of the challenges and work to find solutions.

If you need assistance, or simply have a few questions, we encourage you to contact us.

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