Information for students booking an ICBC road test

The following information comes from ICBC as a warning to anyone who is booking a B.C. driver licence road test online. This information may be particularly helpful to students.

ICBC road test booking alert

Driver licence road tests in B.C. are booked under However, people seeking to book an ICBC road test may Google the information and see many different sites come up.

Here are a couple of sites that are charging $40.00 to book a road test:


If you go to a website to book a B.C. driver licence road test or a knowledge test and are required to make a payment to book the test, it is not booking through ICBC. Some sites also ask for many forms of personal information which is a concern and again confirms those sites are not a driver licence road test.

The only ways to book a driver road test in B.C. is through or by calling ICBC at 1-888-715-7775.